Odysseus - The Event Processing System

Odysseus is an in-memory data management engine that is designed for the processing of big data. Large volumes of data such as continuously occurring events or sensor data can be processed in real time. The platform provides to a multitude of predefined and reusable processing, with which the data can be filtered, correlated, extended, and transformed so as to generate new complex events and high-order information from simple events. Equipped with efficient resource management and processing concepts, extensible and flexible interfaces and a development environment, Odysseus significantly reduces the cost and minimizes the amount of errors in the development of real-time based applications.

Why Odysseus

  • Main memory based processing on the basis of established database technologies
  • Usage of query languages like SQL instead of complex source code
  • Semantically consistent and reproducible processing of events, e.g. by using time stamps
  • Efficient processing and automatic optimizing techniques
  • Multi-user and client-sever capability
  • Flexible, cusomizable and extendable through a component-based architecture
  • Operating system independent by Java
  • Cost-effective development through tool support
  • Many plugins, e.g. analyse methods like classification, clustering, observing or destributed computing
  • Easy integration into existing environments by customizable adapters and webservice technologies


More advantages can be found here: Features and Plug-ins


Odysseus can be obtained as source code. Further information are described at:

Development with Odysseus

The documentation of Odysseus can be found here:

Documentation in our Wiki

A cheat sheet with all operators and functions is available at:

Odysseus Cheat sheet