Due to the universal architecture of Odysseus, the system is not limited to a specific application and can be used in almost any domain. The query processing, the flexible integration of data sources or sinks, the multi-user capabilities make it possible to use Odysseus quickly to new challenges. This saves time and costs.

The underlying framework allows the addition of new components and functionalities. The service-oriented architecture of Odysseus also allows to add or update components at runtime when new functionality or updates are needed. This concept minimizes down time and finally costs.

Typical applications in which Odysseus and its advantages are used are:

  • Monitoring of business processing as part of a Business Process Management. Here is more information: Business Activity Monitoring

  • Control of a wind farm and forecast the expected energy. Here is more information: Monitoring and forecasting of wind farms

  • Real-time analysis of production processes in the Industry 4.0. Here is more informationen: Real-time analysis in the manufacturing industry

Versatile Applications

Industrial equipment: With the help of Odysseus, the production process can be monitored in real time through dashboards. The early detection of deviations in the manufacturing process can prevent production errors and system crashes.

Supply chains: Based on the events of an ERP or logistics systems, supply chains can be monitored e.g. to detect and predict delays of transportations.

Sensor systems: The monitoring of sensor-based systems, possible errors or the wear of parts can be predicted and thus allow lower maintenance costs.

Intelligent archiving: If data like sensor readings or logs are generated faster than it can be stored, Odysseus can be used as intelligent preprocessing, so that e.g. only aggregated values, but in special situations, however, the raw values ​​are stored.

Building automation: As part of the control loop the room air or the light can be monitored and controlled by Odysseus. New automation may be subsequently and cost-effectively integrated software-sided using Odysseus.

Customer relationships: Through sentiment detection in social networks moods and opinions about products and services can be captured and coherently visualized as customer feedback.

Finance and insurance: The monitoring of stock markets, weather, or by extraction from news allows to respond to information near real-time.

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