Business Activity Monitoring

Today, complex and IT-controlled business processes can be found in many companies. The monitoring of these business processes is called Business Activity Monitoring. In order to recognize success and failures at a glance, certain performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) are calculated and considered collectively. In addition to classical economic indicators, such as the current sales or the number of remote products, a KPI can be, for example, the number of production errors or the number of clicks in eCommerce.

The sooner the indicators are available, the faster are responds to both opportunities and risks. Odysseus can help here to calculate KPIs in real time. So you can react quickly if your product is in high demand, but, for example, there are not enough in the stock. Even the early detection of errors or problems in the supply chain can be discovered more quickly.

Also most important numbers can be provided in a management cockpit to the management for making short term decisions based on current operational data.

Some Advantages of Odysseus

  • Real-time monitoring of business processes
  • Flexible integration with existing application landscapes
  • Connection of various data source specification and any KPI
  • Customizable and extensible for future figures
  • Aggregation, transformation and filtering of many raw information into meaningful indicators
  • Monitoring of business processes and detect deviations
  • Data visualization in dashboards

Service Level Aggrements

Also the control of Service Level Aggrements (SLA) can be realized with Odysseus.

Check first, whether you can hold your promised SLAs by monitoring the corresponding numbers. Odysseus can generate early warnings when an SLA can not possibly be kept.

Also for monitoring SLAs of subcontractors Odysseus can help. Thus, for example, the duration of a customer supply chain can be monitored. Deviations are identified and can be claimed.

Upgrade through Extensions

Additional plug-ins can upgrade the Business Activity Monitoring, for example:

The machine learning in Odysseus allows not only to calculate the current indicators but also to calculate forecasts for the key numbers. So you can already see how your business will evolve in advance. Also, the early identification of supply shortages is possible.

The pattern recognition also allows the detection of complex sequences or trends of events. This also includes the detection of desired events that do not occur. This allows, for example, to monitor quality checks.